NEVADABLING.COM is a Women owned small business that has a creative way of turning artistic designs into a fashion statement you can wear.

Utilizing our direct to garment process, we can print anything from famous quotations to biblical texts to humorous phrases in a breath taking, eye catching, most colorful BLING to enhance any clothing.

We are the sole source in Nevada for the latest technology of creating art on a garment to express one’s own feelings, a corporation’s logo, a school event or simply a celebration of life.  These versatile beads are so easy to maintain that they can be washed and put into the dryer in most conventional homes with hardly any fuss.

Exclusively custom designed by Maureen, the garment you have will be unique and one of a kind in the market.

We are constantly coming up with new designs and you can either pick from our wide selection or provide us with your own logo or design.

Since we started, Nevada BLING has received great reviews and anticipation from our regular clients.

We hope to capture the creative side of you as you work alongside us to express yourself and say it on a Nevada BLING garment, our only limitation will be your imagination.

What Makes Us Different

We feel our Nevada BLING process is the best way to create high impact graphics and text for apparel.  Our new technology, utilizing the best BLING machine on the market today allows us to be a leader in the next big trend in decorated apparel.

Our process is NOT the same as those sequin transfers produced by embroidery and some motif rhinestone system manufacturers.

These lead-free, amazingly colorful beads are punched out of a reel of material directly onto transfer paper. WITH NO HOLES! The difference between our process  and sequins are the lack of that hole in the middle, a legacy from the embroidered sequin machine days.

Sample SEQUIN Transfer Technology

Hotfix SEQUIN Transfer

Samples of our new Transfer Technology


It sounds simple, but the holes are the fundamental difference between our technique and sequins  and that makes a world of difference in the impact and color of your end result.

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